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FinancesOnline has recognized Translized with a User Experience Award, citing our product’s flourishing customer base and popularity.


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June 11, 2022
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Translized’s translation software has been given a significant award by a top-tier B2B software directory. It’s a timely recognition of our vision to serve businesses with a solution to promote their growth.

FinancesOnline, one of the top-tier SaaS guides these days, recognized Translized with a User Experience Award, citing our product’s flourishing customer base and popularity. The award is given to businesses that carry out developer-friendly and easy-to-use software to professionals and development teams.

Among other benchmarks, FinancesOnline cited the tremendous extent of positive responses and social mentions of our product as a token of user satisfaction. Resource persons from FinancesOnline also released an overview of Translized features and benefits and agreed that it accurately and efficiently translates applications into various languages and locales. They highly scored our ability to aid companies in streamlining and enhancing their processes for creating, personalizing, and launching applications. They noted how our product helped businesses reach out to new customers and accomplish higher ROIs.

Translized project keys page

As their evaluation shows, FinancesOnline’s SaaS experts lauded our software’s API, CLI, and mobile SDK tools. They state that these tools enable fast and seamless importation, updating, and downloading of all important localization source files.

The review also hailed our API’s capability for intricate application localization efforts. The tool helps users make or change text strings, languages, keys, keywords, and translations to projects without any deviation. With the mobile SDK, users can bring new or latest text strings and translations to their current mobile applications remotely without the need to build and publish different versions or releases of these apps.

Aside from that, FinancesOnline took notice of our product’s features to improve team collaboration, project delivery pace, and application translation standards. One extraordinary feature of Translized is the translation memory feature. With this translation software feature, users can automatically translate ordinary strings into different languages and locales with Google Translate and reuse such strings for other applications and projects. Hence, users no longer need to translate the same sets of strings repeatedly.

The review also pointed out Translized’s well-experienced and highly trained live translators who can make applications accessible and usable in various languages in just a matter of hours. They can tailor and adjust applications based on the languages and locales of a target market. Remarkably, they will consider variations in text lengths, date formats, measurement units, page sizes, cultures, and other necessary elements.

These features make our inclusion in FinancesOnline’s list of top translation software well-deserved. The list enumerates must-have localization software for overcoming regional and cultural differences.

Translized would like to show our appreciation to FinancesOnline for commending our work. Getting noticed by reliable organizations encourages us to be at our best whenever we are in the process of developing localization software.

Thank you to our clients, too, for trusting us with your localization requirements. We vow to be as dependable, trustworthy, and competent as ever by continuing to provide unparalleled services in the future. We look forward to more years of serving you and guiding you to improve your overall business processes.

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