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We are a small team of developers who, after searching for the ideal localization tool, decided to do what we do best - develop our own.

As for many of you, localization was a troublesome process in our companies. At first, we were doing it in spreadsheets, and that turned out to be a horrible decision.

After that, we turned to localization platforms. We had several options to choose from, but it always felt like we had to compromise. Either we pay a reasonable price, but don't get all the features we need; or we choose a solution that has everything we need, but go bankrupt in the process.

So, we found ourselves at a crossroads.

Automation was top priority for us, because we were working on high-quality software solutions. So having features such as CLI, REST API, and OTA mobile SDKs were extremely important to us.

After weeks of searching for the localization platform that met all of our requirements, we realized what had to be done. In order to get the quality we want at a good price, we had to create our own solution.

And that's how Translized came to life.

We created a platform we are proud of, and that has everything we wanted in a localization software.

We want to ensure that businesses around the world, no matter the size, have the best possible experience when it comes to localizing their products.