Machine and Human Translation

Translized offers both machine and human translation that can help you localize your app with ease. Very different, but still very efficient, depending on your translation needs.

5 March, 2022

4 min read

Translized is a software localization platform helping successful businesses around the world introduce their product to international markets.

As a translation app, we offer both machine and human translation. Which method you'll choose, depends solely on your current needs. Many businesses find machine translation to be a great starting point in their translation journey. Others rely on human translation to help them adapt their product.

In this tutorial, we will take you through both machine and human translation.

Introduction to Machine Translation

With machine translation in Translized, you have two options: to translate a term to a preferred language or to do a bulk translation of everything that isn't translated for a specific language.

Let's start by adding a new language to a project so we can begin the translation.

Add language
Term translation

After adding a new language on the project dashboard, in our case German, you can click on the German language and you will see all untranslated terms. Translating a term is really simple as you can see below.

Machine translation
Bulk translation

One-by-one term translation can be useful, but when you have a lot of untranslated terms you would probably want to do it in bulk. Navigate to the Machine translation tab and there you will have this option.

Bulk machine translation

Make sure your source language is selected as the 'from language' and select your new language as a 'to language' option. Click 'Translate' and Voila! Everything's translated in a few seconds!

Human translation

In some cases, you may require a more advanced translation, and that requires the help of a professional translator. With Translized, you can easily order translation from our list of available languages.

As with the bulk machine translation, it is really simple to make an order from a professional and native translator. We strongly suggest adding more instructions so the translator can have a better overview. Navigate to the Human translation tab and fill in the fields.

Human translation

Let's go through the selection options.

Translation quality

Native speaker / Professional translator
Choose whether you'd like a native speaker to translate your content, or a professional translator.

Translation style

Friendly / Business / Formal / Informal

Translation purpose

Web or app localization / Game localization / Online content / Business / Personal use

Translation briefing

To ensure you get the best possible quality, describe your project in as much detail as possible — what it's about, who your target audience is, add links to the website or app, and other info.

The more details you provide, the better translation quality you will get. We strongly encourage you to provide a detailed briefing for the translator. After filling out all the info, your costs will be calculated and payment, your order will be sen.! In most cases your professional human translation will be done in under a day.

Machine and human translation - what to choose?

Machine translation has improved over the years, however, it still has a long way to go until it can be compared to human translation in terms of quality and accuracy.

With that being said, machine translation is a great resource for individuals and businesses looking to save time and money on small content pieces which will not have legal or financial repercussions if done inaccurately.

However, if the source text you intend to translate is of higher impotence to you, then it's a no-brainer to spend a little extra for a human linguist to produce a piece that guarantees accuracy and high quality.

With Translized you can leverage these options and choose the best one at any given moment depending on the type of content you want to translate.


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