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Software Localization

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Unleash superior localization across the board: from applications
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Translation Management System

Go global swiftly with our TMS. Set up your project, input your translation terms, and begin steering your localization journey with unrivaled ease and precision.

Machine & Human Translation

Leverage the power of both Machine and Human Translations to simplify your journey towards impeccable, context-rich localization. Our solution includes Translation Memory, Term Tags, and Screenshots in our Starter plan.

Collaboration & workflows

Amplify teamwork with varied user roles and intuitive term and project discussions, ensuring a smooth and efficient localization process across all your projects.

Focus on What Matters

Developer Time

Harness the potential of our API, CLI, mobile SDKs and Webhooks to fully automate your localization pipeline, liberating developers to focus on what matters.

API access

Have direct localization control inside your application via our REST API.

  • Example requests in our Documentation

  • Multiple Endpoints

  • cURL and Javascript

Command-line Interface

Use our CLI to automate your localization workflow.

  • Upload and Download on your Terminal

  • CI/CD Integration

  • Install it through Brew or manually

Android & iOS SDKs

Use our mobile SDKs to integrate your localization workflows directly into your mobile app.

  • Over-the-Air updates

  • iOS: NSBundle swizzling

  • Android: View inflation


Integrate your custom webhooks with Translized and respond to all events occuring inside app.

  • All you need is your Webhook URL

  • Find your Webhook Secret in your profile

  • 6+ events supported

What others say

Teams Love Translized

Our customers love our seamless integrations, transparent pricing and unmatched value

Pleasantly surprised

“I love this piece of software. It is great to use, easy to integrate with any app and UI makes sense. Compared to other products it offers you better packages for less money and with features it is fairly the same or better then some other products. Offers a lot of translation file formats.”

Aleksandar Z.

Senior Front-end Developer

Seamless integration

“Integrated Translized for a project on a tight schedule, so ease of integration and out-of -the-box features were very important. I was very pleasantly surprised with the product, and their support. I will definitely be using Translized on future projects again.”

Miljan S.

Lead Software Developer

Great Software Solution

“I really like Translized. Itis very easy to use and integrates easily into any software solution that requires multi-language support. CLI is super helpful and allows us to automate the uploading and downloading of localization files.”

Ivan I.

Lead Engineer
Quick Ramp-up

Get started easily with Translized


Create your Project and Upload your Keys

Once you’ve created your project, it’s time to add the keys that need to be translated. This can be done in two different ways:


More than 10 file formats supported.


No file? No problem: add a key manually on the Keys page.


Start translating your software

Everything is set up - and you’re ready to start translating your keys.

AI Translation

Get more done using our different AI translation integrations: from regular ML models, to LLMs.

Human Translation

Add your collaborators to your project and start translating right away


Multiple ways to release your new translations

Once you’re all done - it’s time to export your translations. As a developer, you are always in control.


Publish your translations faster and simpler than ever before.


Integrate your CI/CD and have the latest translations in your build

Replace slow or expensive processes and ensure translation quality with Translized

Our 7-day free trial includes 60 000 keys and unlimited AI translations.
View the Pricing Plans to upgrade, or continue with our free plan - 200 keys.

Seamless integration with the most relevant apps

We offer the most relevant integrations to streamline your operations and improve productivity.


Most common question about saas services.

In a world driven by technology and innovation, the right software can be acatalyst for transformation, efficiency, and growth.

What is Translized?

Translized is a platform engineered with developers in mind, specializing in software translation, translation management, quality assurance, and localization. It assists tech teams in driving business growth by globalizing their products. Translized offers a cost-effective solution for localizing a wide range of digital products, including websites, games, and apps, with the added benefit of supporting over-the-air updates.

What is the main purpose of Translized?

Translized aims to help software businesses localize their digital products like websites, web apps, and mobile apps. It provides a solution to manage and automate the localization process while focusing on three key areas: improving efficiency, enabling more effective collaboration, and reducing costs.

How many languages are supported by Translized?

Translized offers support for over 75 languages, making it a versatile tool for businesses aiming to reach a global audience. It also provides an integration with professional translations that can support your localization needs in more than 70 languages.

What is the cost of translation on Translized?

Translized offers a freemium model with paid plans starting at 59 eur per month.

Does Translized offer free services?

Yes, Translized does offer free services. They provide a free plan that includes up to 200 keys and 1 project. Additionally, they offer a 7-day free trial with 60,000 keys and unlimited projects.

How accurate are the translations provided by Translized?

Translized provides three translation options: manual translation where you onboard translators to adapt content into supported languages; machine translation using options like Google, Amazon, or DeepL; and integration with Gengo to order human translations from certified professionals. To help ensure accuracy, Translized also offers quality assurance options to validate translated content. The combination of human, machine, and review helps maximize translation accuracy.

Is localization the same as translation?

No. Translation converts text between languages while maintaining meaning. Localization adapts the translation to fit the local context, considering culture, customs, and consumer habits.

Empower your product with Seamless, Cost-Effective Solutions for Developers and Product Managers.

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