We are launching new pricing plans —here’s everything you need to know

Exciting changes are coming to Translized! As we invest more in our product, we're introducing new pricing plans starting October 2023. In this page you will find everything you need to know about this update.

18 October, 2023

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Frequently Asked Questions:

  1. Why are you increasing the prices?

    We're enhancing our product with new features and a more robust translation management solution. This ensures our users always access top-tier tools. Compared to market alternatives, our plans offer unparalleled robustness at a fraction of the cost, making us the ideal choice for teams kickstarting their localization journey, those wishing to transition from manual processes, or those who prioritize smart software investments.

  2. How were the new pricing tiers determined?

    We based our new pricing tiers on thorough market research, user feedback, and a comparative analysis of the value we offer against competitors.

  3. What additional features or improvements can we expect with this price increase?

    Along with enhanced performance and more integrations (like the upcoming Figma integration), you can anticipate advanced translation management features and continuous product updates. Our plans stand out in the market for their robustness and affordability, catering especially to teams at the onset of their localization journey or those keen on optimizing their software investments.

    Additionally, we are launching “Keys”, a simplified way to understand the volume you need in your plan. A “Key”, in summary, is a term to be translated in your project, a placeholder to be replaced with translation values based on the number of languages your project will contain (see the rest of the FAQ to understand this further).

    We believe this will help you estimate your costs better and scale your project to multiple languages without having to do complex estimates or projections.

  4. What are “Keys” and how do they factor into selecting a plan?

    At its core, a “Key” represents a term in your project that needs translation. Think of it as a unique identifier for a specific piece of text, waiting to be translated into various languages.

    Let's illustrate: Imagine a Financial app with the title “Available Cash”. In the app's source code, this might be tagged as “BalanceScreen.availableCash.title”. If you wish to translate this title into three languages, “BalanceScreen.availableCash.title” counts as just 1 key, irrespective of the number of translations for “Available Cash”.

    While other platforms might bill based on translation counts, word counts, or a mix, we've chosen simplicity. With our "Keys" approach, you can easily gauge costs and scale your project across languages without diving into intricate estimates.

  5. How does Translized's new pricing compare to competitors?

    Our plans are competitively priced, offering exceptional value for money without compromising on service quality. We encourage a feature-by-feature comparison to see the difference for yourself.

  6. Is there any other changes implemented alongside the new pricing?

    Yes, we are also reducing the length of the free trial to 7-days instead of 14 days as it was before.

What is the impact on Free Users?

  1. What does the pricing update mean for Free users?

    Free users are presented with an exclusive opportunity to transition to any of our new plans at a special discount. However, if you choose to remain on the Free plan, new limitations will be applied to your account starting now.

  2. What are the new limitations for Free users?

    Starting now, Free users will have access to only 200 keys (see what a key means in this FAQ), 500 machine learning translation characters, a single project, and limited features. For a detailed comparison, please refer to our plan comparison section.

  3. Why are these limitations being implemented for Free users?

    As we continue to invest in and enhance our platform, these changes ensure we can maintain the quality of our services and introduce new features for all our users.

  4. I’m affected by the new limitations, what can I do?

    We understand this change might bring some challenges to you, so please contact us at info@translized.com. We’ll be happy to help.

  5. Can Free users get a discount if they decide to upgrade?

    Absolutely! As a token of appreciation, we're offering Free users a special discount of 20% should they decide to adopt any of our new annual plans.

  6. What happens if I don't upgrade?

    If you have a Free account and you choose not to upgrade, the new limitations will be automatically implemented in their accounts. However, you'll still retain access to your account. For those with multiple projects, only the most recent project will remain accessible, while the others will be marked as unavailable in your dashboard. If you need to, make sure you export or download any files you might need from your account.

What is the impact for existing customers?

  1. Will there be any changes to the features in my current plan?

    For existing customers, your plan remains intact until 2025. If you're interested in our new features not included in your current plan, we offer a seamless transition to the new pricing structure with an exclusive discount of 20% in any annual plan. Contact us to discuss it.

  2. I just started with Translized. Will my pricing change immediately?

    As a gesture of gratitude to our early customers, your pricing remains unchanged until 2025.

  3. What happens after 2025? Will I be automatically moved to the new pricing?

    We will notify you well in advance of any changes post-2025, ensuring you have ample time to decide on the best plan for your needs.

  4. Can I switch to one of the new plans before 2025?

    Certainly! You're free to transition to any of our new plans whenever you deem fit, with a exclusive discount of 20% off in any annual plan.

  5. How does the new pricing affect multi-year contracts or commitments I have with Translized?

    We'll honor all existing contracts or commitments at the previously agreed rates until 2025.

  6. Who can I speak to if I have more questions or concerns about the new pricing?

    Our dedicated support team is ready to assist. Reach out to us at info@translized.com.

Our mission remains providing top-notch, affordable translation management software to empower global growth, and these new paid plans will allow us to invest in and deliver more robust features.


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