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5 Benefits of Using Localization Software for Your Business

Localization software helps you adapt your product to the international market, and ensure your customers enjoy the experience and share it with others.


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May 31, 2022
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Digital progress has created a dynamic global community where businesses, including startups, can quickly expand beyond national borders. Many startups harbor big, cross-border plans, and localization helps them reach the global market. Plans to go global require products to speak the local languages and involve the target audience through locally tailored content.

Investing in a high-quality localization software can help you expand faster, and accelerate business growth.

What Is Software Localization?

Software localization entails reconfiguring various elements of the application, including the language, user interface, formatting standards, and graphical components. These alterations are made to ensure that a software program is more suited to its intended users.

Localization should be done on all software elements, including your website. Companies realize how important it is to localize the business to expand its market, boost its products and services, and grow its bottom line.

Achieve Global Success with These Benefits of Localization

There is always a cost associated with running a business, but it does not have to be prohibitively expensive. Many companies believe that localizing their services or products will result in additional administrative costs and a longer release cycle, and hence is not worth the time. Nonetheless, if worldwide expansion is your objective, there is no way around it.

Several of the advantages of localization for your business include the following:

1. Rank Higher in Search Engine Results Pages

Localization contributes significantly more to the success of your mobile application or website than simply delivering the appropriate communication to your target demographic. Additionally, it will optimize your website for international search engines (SEO). This is far superior to placing your faith in a website plugin.

You will climb the rankings as you localize your website to include culturally appropriate imagery, keywords searched regionally, foreign site speeds, and other considerations.

2. Communicate with Customers in Their Native Language

With a website, you can have access to worldwide markets. Worldwide businesses are more than businesses capable of buying and selling globally. Whether you sell video games, software, applications, or anything else, you have a reasonable possibility of breaking into overseas markets.

However, ignoring the specific needs of your international customers and selling your products exclusively in English will not help you increase your market share.

According to the 2021 Global Multilingual CX Report, 68% of consumers prefer to buy products in their native language. Additionally, you will establish a reputation as a credible source in international markets if your website provides credible, easy-to-understand content.

3. Improves credibility

A trustworthy image is critical for acquiring and keeping software users. However, the most effective strategy to establish credibility is to set up potential consumers to communicate with one another in the same manner they would with their friends and family.

By modifying your website localization software for prospective clients, you demonstrate that you are more than interested in increasing your revenue. Rather than that, customers will see a software business that genuinely cares about resolving their concerns and will go to tremendous efforts to do so.

4. Decreases churn

You can increase the probability of retaining a customer by implementing localization software tools to provide localized commands and intuitive user interfaces. And if you are a small business, the more customers you retain, the faster you experience accelerating business growth.

According to CSA Research, 75% of customers are more likely to consider making repeat business if a brand offers post-purchase support in their language of choice.

Brands should offer localized support to increase customer loyalty. For example, you can use multilingual chatbots, translate FAQ and a self-service knowledge base, and provide customer service with native speakers.

5. Establish an international presence for your brand

Localization's primary benefits are a consumer base and increased revenue. A well-executed project using a localization platform can result in client acquisition and increased revenue.

Profitability is integrally linked to the presence of a well-known brand identity. When a website is localized, it is possible to attain global brand recognition. When prospective clients can communicate with you in their local language, they will trust your company as a solution to their problems. Keep in mind that a reputable provider of localization services will oversee the entire localization process.

To gain the full benefits of localization, you'll need the support of professional translators for both machine and human translation, technologists, culturally aware native speakers, and a few other professionals.

One step at a time

Localization has created the potential for startups to succeed in a variety of markets worldwide. Additionally, you establish your organization's trust when you have comprehensive and explicit web material. You can collaborate with video conferencing software and demonstrate strong customer support to improve your engagement with your clients. Video localization, for one, is just as important for ROI in your video conferencing and content efforts.

Without a doubt, localization is critical if you want to expand globally. You can quickly increase awareness of your goods or services by selling online with well-tailored content and growing your audience.

Localization should be a continuous process that evolves in lockstep with the business. Your technique should be continually improved as you gain experience. And keep in mind that the most challenging aspect is creating a solid presence and maintaining it in a global market.

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